Plushy Period is a small collection of the two most commonly used menstrual supplies
in the form of soft, huggable, stuffed toys.
Close to half of our population directly experiences a monthly period. Regardless,
misunderstandings related to its process and function often lead to avoidance in
discussing the topic. This can hinder learning and preparedness opportunities.
Therefore, an unfamiliarity can lead to embarrassment and a lack of sympathy towards
those experiencing a period.
As one who experienced my first encounter with menstruation without having any prior
knowledge, I assumed I was dying. This piece is not only cute and cozy but serves as
an educational device that encourages its audience to interact with menstrual products
including the blood component. The interaction will encourage the participant to
develop a strong familiarity towards menstruation through inquiry, curiosity, and
discussion. Like the endometrium, the soft comfort of Plushy Period will provide a safe,
comfortable environment for dialogue. This act of play will prompt open communication
regarding periods free of shame, which create a more empathetic attitude towards
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